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golf betting sites

Golf Betting Sites – Scotland has given the people of this world many great things – whisky, the Loch Ness Monster, and Andy Murray, to name but three – but perhaps their greatest invention has been golf. Some scholars claim that golf was played in both Ancient Rome and Ancient China, but most golf historians are happy with the claim that Scotland did indeed come up with the modern game.

These days golf is one of the most-watched and most-participated-in sports in the world, and millions of exchanges golf betting between punters and golf bookies as eager bettors take a punt on which golfing pro is likely to win the next big golfing tournament. This guide will explain to you all you need to know about the best golf betting sites in the world and things you should watch out when you start wagering.

Why golf is one of the most popular sports to bet on
The first written evidence of golf survived in 1457 when James II attempted to ban golf because he felt it interfered with archery practice. Over five hundred and fifty years later, golf has turned into a worldwide pastime. As a sport, it perhaps owes its popularity to the fact that you do not have to be supreme physically fit to be a decent golfer – heck, even the Prezz Donald Trump claims he’s exceptionally gifted when it comes to whacking the ball down the fairway.

Not only do millions upon millions of people love to play golf, about the same number love to watch all the top and best golfers in the world play in the big tournaments, for example, and such as the US Open and the Open Championship that’s played annually in the UK. Of course, people like to wager on golf as well, and every significant sportsbook on the internet will offer the chance to bet on the small dimpled ball game.

golf betting sites

Golf has a unique, global appeal that few sports can match – even football/soccer, which is not significant in North America. There’s barely a country in the world that doesn’t have a least one golf course, and in the USA alone, it’s estimated that there are over 15,000 of them. This, in turn, means that there are likely dozens of golfing tournaments taking place all over the globe at any one moment, from international games to local competitions. As a result, a sports bettor with a keen interest in golf will always find something to bet on, somewhere.

As sportsbooks are always really keen to gain your custom, and if you’re a golfing wagering fan, then there’s still likely to be a bookie somewhere willing to offer you a decent deal when it comes to your wagering. Check out the promotions available in the table above, and you’ll soon be scoring your own hole in one when it comes to your best golf betting options.

What are the most significant events in the golfing calendar?
Golf tournaments are continuously played throughout the golfing calendar, but the biggest are arranged into two ‘tours’ – the PGA Tour and the European Tour (ET). The PGA Tour is predominantly played in the USA and attracts all the world’s best players, as the prize money is higher than with the ET.

The European Tour includes events in Europe, Asia, and South Africa. Players not yet quite up to the standard of the PGA Tour will compete on the ET with the massive hope of improving their game enough to be accepted into the PGA Tour group.

The four major golf tournaments – the Masters, the US Open, the Open (in the UK), and the PGA Championship – do not form part of either tour, neither does the premier team championship, the Ryder Cup. The Ryder Cup tournament is played bi-annually between teams of US and European golfers.

Betting On The Majors
The four major tournaments are open to players from both the PGA and ET tours, although players ranked low on either time have to go through a qualification process to secure a place. It is the majors where most of the world’s golf betting money is placed. This is due to the coverage that these tournaments receive, and not because they are easy to predict – quite the contrary! Choosing the winner of a golfing major from scratch is notoriously tricky, as within a large group of the world’s top players, selecting the outright winner can, at times, seem like a complete lottery.

The US Open is considered the most formidable competition to predict, as only challenging courses are chosen as playing venues. If a top player has a single bad day, that will be enough to rule them out of contention altogether. Conversely, an underdog who has one good day can do enough to secure a title even if they only play ‘adequately well’ during the rest of the tournament.

The Masters is considered the easiest to predict, but that’s only because it takes place on the same course each year – the Augusta National.

Other Golf Tournaments
Each year players battle to retain their place on the PGA and ET tours. Each year only the top 125 finishers on the PGA Tour and the top 110 players on the ET tour are guaranteed a place on time the following year.

If you see a fancied player struggling to make the top spots in either tour towards the end of the tour season, you may wish to consider backing him as he strives to attain the necessary tour points and therefore retain his place among golf’s elite.

You may also wish to spy the odds given for lower-ranked tours arranged to give golf players the chance to step up to the full tours. These are the tour in the US and the Challenger Tour in Europe.

Matchplay Golf Tournaments

golf betting sites

The vast majority of golf tournaments are stroke-play events. Stroke play is where the winner is the player who completes the course in the fewest number of shots, usually combined as most golf tournaments take place over several days.

Matchplay is where each hole is won by the player or players who take the least number of shots for the hole. After eighteen holes the overall winner is decided by the player or players who won the most holes.

The Ryder Cup is the most famous matchplay tournament. It takes place every two years and used to be between the USA and the UK. In 1973 this became the USA v UK and Ireland (even though Irish players had been playing for the UK team for some time), and in 1979 this was expanded even further when ‘Team GB’ became Team Europe.

Other matchplay events include the Presidents Cup (USA v the Rest of the World) and the Eur-Asia Cup (Europe v Asia).

What are the different major types of golf bets?
Most golf betting money is placed on outright tournament winners, but that’s not necessarily the way to go with this if you’re keen on betting on golf. Golf is unpredictable – for any Major, as many as the top twenty competitors usually have a good chance to end up winning. For example, the winner of 2016 Open, Henrik Stenson, began the tournament at 30/1 (31.00) even though he’d been voted ‘European Golfer of the Year’ in 2013. Pre-tournament favorite Dustin Day (7/1; 8.00) finished tied for the twenty-second place.

Each-way golf betting is possibly a better bet if you want to see a return on your money. This will see half your cash being placed on a win, and the other half (at reduced odds) being placed on a top placing. Golf bookmakers and sportsbooks will typically offer a quarter the odds for a full five or top-six finish.

You can also wager on first-round leaders (remember, most significant golf tournaments are held over several consecutive days), top ten or top twenty place finishes, or even the nationality of the winning golfer.

The UK’s best golf betting sites:
BetBright has proven popular among online sports betting fans for its easy-to-navigate and colorful website and large markets. This is also one of the first points of call for golf betting. They cover all the major golfing tournaments and most PGA and ET events. You’ll find decent odds at BetBright for outrights, group bets, match bets, two-ball and three-ball bets, and specials on the US Open and the three other majors.

This sportsbook also often offers Acca insurance on two and three ball accumulators with at least four selections. This means you will probably receive back your stake money as a free bet should your Acca fail by a single appointment. BetBright will also often refund your stake money if your nominated golfer is beaten in a playoff.

Newcomers to BetBright also have a deal to whet their appetites. You’ll receive £100 in free total bets.

10Bet actually woos its punters with its no-frills, no-nonsense approach. If you are totally serious about your sports betting, the 10Bet genuinely is the site for you, although there’s more than enough entertainment for casual sports bettors. 10Bet perhaps offers more golf betting odds than any other major sportsbook – both primary and relatively minor golfing events. It also provides a high number of markets for each event.

10Bet is also a decent bet when it comes to in-play betting. Their results services are awe-inspiring and instantaneous, so you can keep up to date with all the top golfing action at their site – no need to go elsewhere.

If you’re new to 10Bet, you can expect an excellent one hundred percent bonus on your first deposit is actually up to a maximum of £200.

While most online betting sites offer only one kind of bonus to all sports, Boylesports is really good at tailoring their offers to each sports fans’ needs. Boylesports – has golf-only perks and plenty of golf betting options. It’s undoubtedly one of the top sportsbooks to head for whenever a significant tournament swings around, as they often have special deals and promotions available.

For example, for the 2017 US Open, Boylesports said they were willing to refund if your choice ends up in the 2nd or the 3rd place! That is a great deal that will allow you to get the most out of your golf betting. This was an entirely ‘upfront deal’ too – no caveats such as wagering requirements.

For a long period now, Boylesports have had a Bet 10 Get 25 welcome deal. If you make a minimum ten-pound first deposit and first bet, you will receive a 25-pound bonus in free bet cash.

Grosvenor Sports
Although Grosvenor’s land casino has been around for ages, its online sports offering is the latest name of the sportsbook.

While Grosvenor does not offer perhaps the same level of sports bonus as its rivals (yet), it’s still a very decent place at which to find exceptional golf betting odds, and it typically offers a wide range of markets upon individual events, including outrights, two-balls and three-balls.

Newbies at Grosvenor are treated very well as they are given the chance of earning themselves £20 in free bets. All that’s required to trigger this is a £5 deposit.

Find the latest golf betting offers.
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