Horse Betting Winning Tips

Horse Betting is one of the favored types of bets that you can find online today.

horse betting

Betting on horses is a lot of fun because it incorporates an engaging sport and a multitude of various betting types so it is always interesting.

The variety ensures you are never bored. Plus, betting on horse races is affordable. For those on a budget, you can easily bet but if you consider yourself more of a high roller you can wager more money.

Online bookmakers take this pastime to a new level, ensuring you have access to the latest odds and results wherever you are, even if you are unable to make it to the track in person.

With the growing popularity of mobile betting sites, access to horse races and wagering is always available. 

Online betting on horses

If you take an afternoon and spending it at the track is a lot of fun but not really feasible to go to every race you want to go to.

Not only can it be very expensive but most people’s schedules do not allow for constant treks to the track. So, online betting came about allowing punters a way to bet without the inconvenience – and expense – of going to the track.

Whenever there is a race you can place a wager and cash in on the results. As long as you have a reliable computer and internet connection you can get online, log into your account, and place a bet. This is a great way to enjoy horse betting from work or at home.

Mobile horse betting

However, most people today lead busy lives and are constantly on the go. Smartphones such as Android and iPhone or the recently launched tablets such as the iPad make staying connected conveniently whether at home, in the office, or on the go.

Savvy online bookmakers looked at this trend and developed mobile sites so their punters could also bet from their cell phones or tablets when they were traveling too.

Mobile betting on horses is growing in popularity and this makes it easy to check odds, place your bets, and get results wherever you are, any time of day.

Types of horse betting

Part of the allure of betting on a horse is the variety of options available to bet and the value of your bet. You can bet on a budget or bet high roller stakes if you so desire. People choose to punt on straight bets, multi bets, and exotic bets. There are basic types of each and then some variations of the basic bet. Some examples of straight bets include:

  • Win – betting on a horse to win the race
  • Place – betting on a horse to finish in the money which typically includes 2nd and 3rd place but could include 4th, 5th and beyond in some cases

For tipsters betting on a horse is a part of the culture and a way of life. But, you cannot always get to the track as much as you would like which is why online betting and mobile horse betting has gained so much in popularity. Aussies can find the odds, make their favorite bets, and check the results conveniently wherever they are, at any time.

Horse racing betting

With over $14 billion in horse racing betting occurring annually, there is no doubt online punters have a love of horse racing. Not only do horse races occur throughout the world but many of the most significant and influential races occur.

The Kentucky Derby is the most popular in the world and is particularly exciting to watch and to bet on. The variety of different types of races make horse racing especially engaging and thrilling to bet on.

Overall Racing Betting
The top betting events to punt on are racing, rugby, and football. Racing betting is at the top with Aussies thoroughly enjoying horses, harness racing, dog racing, and even the occasional auto race.

Going to the track to enjoy an afternoon of races is always a lot of fun but not always feasible. Bookmakers, however, have gone online to offer everyone a convenient and easy way to indulge in racing betting without even leaving the comfort of their home.

Plus, with mobile betting, you don’t even have to be at home or in the office to bet! You can bet using your smartphone or tablet – Android, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, and more. Racing betting is perfect for everyone from the weekend punter to serious high rollers.

Harness racing betting

Harness racing is another type of racing that is popular throughout Australia. Trotters and pacers provide an exciting matchup and fun betting possibilities.

Harness racing betting at each of these races is especially popular but many online punters also regularly punt on the nearly 2,000 races that occur each year.

Greyhound racing betting

greyhound horse betting

While the horses are quite a draw to bettors, dog racing is close on its heels. Greyhound racing provides a fast-paced sport that is fun for all. While the dogs’ race around the track after the lure, bettors anticipate their racing betting paying off, hoping they picked a winner.

Part of the fun is the rare possibility that the greyhound actually catches the rabbit, typically due to a breakdown of the mechanics. But, this can cause quite a stir amongst the dogs.

Auto racing betting

Auto racing is a relatively new type of racing sport but it is gradually catching on and becoming more popular. Originally, the races were developed based on the American NASCAR model but expanded to incorporate specific flairs.

NASCAR is the primary racing spec that occurs in the US. However, auto racing betting does not need to be limited to THESE races alone. Once Americans get a feel for the fun of auto racing, they are sure to bet on races that occur throughout the globe.

Accessibility of racing betting online

Many punters choose to bet on those races and championships that occur in America. There is a certain sense of national pride that comes with betting on your favourite to win.

However, once online punters get into a sport, they will follow it wherever the race occurs. Auto racing is much more popular in other areas of the world. Many significant horses and greyhound races occur around the globe. Betting on these races that may be running in a highly inconvenient time zone used to be difficult and time-consuming – but not anymore! Racing betting online makes these races accessible to everyone. You can check the odds and place bets whenever it is convenient for you to do so.

Types of racing betting

One of the reasons racing betting is ever popular is the abundance of variations for betting in each category.

First, there are so many types of races to bet on there is sure to be something for everyone. Plus, with races occurring year-round throughout the world, there is always a race to keep you entertained.

But, you can also experiment with various types of bets. You may be comfortable with straight bets where you pick a win or place. Or, you may want to dabble in more complex bets that allow you to choose multiple finishers or take place over multiple races.

With so many options it is no wonder Aussies consider racing betting one of their favored pastimes.