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sportpesa predictions

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Sportpesa predictions is what we do. While most other sites and so called experts want to charge you an arm and a leg to get their predictions, we do it all for FREE. Why you ask? because we can and we choose to.

Sports betting is not gambling, it is more a game of skill than chance. Having the right information and analytical trends will greatly improve the chances of picking a winning team vs a losing team.

Ofcourse no one can claim 100% predictability because certain things can affect the outcome of a game once it starts, for example injuries to key players or getting key players tossed out of game. We at sportpesa games do not support such outrageous claims.

To get free sportpesa predictions via SMS or Whatsapp click HERE

Who saw Leicester city winning the crown last year at the start of the season. Very few people I can bet you that.

sportpesa predictions

All in all you can find winning probabilities by looking at past results, head to head match ups as well as current trends. (Hot teams tend to keep winning while cold teams tend to keep loosing)

How does our sportpesa predictions work?

Our Free sportpesa predictions is a dedicated and overall sports betting preview written by experts with many years of experience in football betting.

All football betting analysis are done based on the head to head history, betting odds, betting odds fluctuation, recent performance and many other aspects.

We try to publish as many football games previews as we can, but our goal is to hit our recommended sportpesa predictions.

We aim to be the most accurate sportpesa betting tips provider and  All the sportpesa games betting tips will be recorded as prove of the accuracy.

Our Free sportpesa predictions are for recommendation only.

You may take it as a betting reference to your bets but please bet with care.

Our free sportpesa games predictions which we ran for sportpesa today games  are done through an analytical algorithm that looks at  key points responsible for a winning strategy and give those out before the betting window closes.

To get free sportpesa predictions via SMS or Whatsapp click HERE

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