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Sportpesa Games – This is what it’s all about

For the most part, sportpesa games are the games we predict on a daily basis. Also included in the sportpesa today games are the sportpesa jackpot as well as the sportpesa mega jackpot games.

If you do not have a sportpesa games account and would like to get started you can try our SMS or WhatsApp service by clicking here.

Winning a sportpesa jackpot as well as the other predicted games is not as easy as most people portray it out to be. One has to put in the work and effort needed to win. So take the time to learn about betting before you dive into it.

Sports betting is very popular around the world and in Kenya as well. Understanding how sports betting works is key to one’s success. In essence, it is simply the act of predicting the outcome of a match and placing a wager on the said game. This is very different from normal betting which is just a game of chance.

sportpesa today matches

sportpesa today matches – A strategy in winning

Several factors will determine the outcome of a game and these factors can be predetermined to create a pretty accurate picture all the other factors considered and that is what Sportpesa games is all about.

Some of the factors that we at sportpesa games use to determine the predicted outcomes of games include but are not limited to.

  1. Player Talents – Obviously the level of talent that a team has is a pretty big determinant of how the said team will perform against its rivals. The higher the talent the more probable of an outcome a game shall be. For example, these games between Manchester United vs Leicester that we accurately predicted last week, was mainly won because Manchester United have better-talented players than Leicester.

2. Momentum – One simply cannot discount the importance of momentum in Football and sports betting. Have you ever noticed that a team that wins two to three games in a row will probably win the next game and a team that loses 2 games in a row will probably lose the next game, well that’s because of momentum?

3. Home vs Away – A home team when all the other factors are considered will always get the edge to the away team. The familiarity of players with the home stadium and the desire to perform admirably in front of their home fans is key to teams when home court advantage is concerned.

4. Coach or Manager – A manager can win a game for his squad with the necessary, in-game adjustments and substitutions. Removing a struggling player mid-game. The willingness or unwillingness to make changes always has an impact on the outcome of a game.

Sportpesa Games – video 2

Manchester United vs Leicester Prediction. Correct Score 10-08-2018 by Sportpesa Games

5. Rivalry – Rivalry games usually bring out the best in star players regardless of their domestic club performance.  A classic example would be when Real Madrid meets with Barcelona in the El Clasico, this is a very hotly contested match every year between these two bitter rivals regardless of their respective positions on the table.

6. Intangibles –   There are other factors that would influence any given game, for example, weather, superstition, unexpected events that influence the psyches of top players performances. all these are factors that we at sportpesa today games look at when accurately predicting games.

These are but a few factors that we at sportpesa games consider when we accurately predict games and you are always welcome to try our free service of games here or our sportpesa betting tips via SMS or WhatsApp.

Sportpesa Games


I will get into a more in-depth look at the process of making a prediction with sportpesa games. Peel back the curtain as it were and revealing a few tricks and tips.

TIP 1 -sportpesa games say INFORMATION IS KING.

Predicting a  football match requires information and processing that information is key to making the correct prediction. Let’s take a classic example of everyone’s top football club in the Catalan giants.

The case of Barcelona and the COPA DEL REY

Barcelona who is one of the top teams of the Spanish La Liga is still required to play in the preliminary rounds of the Copa del Rey, Their domestic cup, even though they are the defending champions and have won it a record 30 times. Given the round of robin format which means home and away draw  Barcelona meets a third tier team away like Hercules for example as it happened in 2016. In this instant you would expect Barcelona to demolish such a team yet they were held to a 1-1 draw.

Sportpesa Games – video 3

Bayern Munich vs Liverpool Prediction – Correct score 13-03-2019

Betting odds for that game were as follows, Barcelona away wins 1.12, draw 15.15, Hercules home win 22.75.  Why Barcelona struggled with a draw in this game and could have easily been embarrassed with a loss is the key to this story. Barca manager Luis Enrique gave a number of young players the chance to play including Alena, Borja Lopez, Alex Carbonell, and Marc Cardona, and also gave his entire prolific front line of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar the day off, knowing that any loss or draw would easily be avenged in the return leg which they did by the way in 7-0 shellacking.

For knowledgeable betters, this tidbit of information on resting regulars and starting academy players would have given someone pause and they might have anticipated the draw and made a killing, for many however who bet on Barcelona, they lost their funds.

Tip 2  – Choosing a league 

Here at sportpesa games, our betting tips start with a league choice, you can choose the most popular of leagues in the Premier league or the smallest in the Brazil Serie B. The league you choose depends on your betting choices. For example, we like to bet over and under in the Brazilian Serie B because rarely do the teams in that league score a lot of goals. as you can see below in week 22 and week 23 match play, only one game resulted in Over 4 goals.

sportpesa games

tip 3 – odds

The next step we take a look at is the odds being given by bookmakers. Usually, most bookmakers have sophisticated algorithms that spit out a game’s odds and while most of them do not show a complete picture and anomalies happen as in the Barcelona game above, one can use it as a guide when making a decision on a sportpesa jackpot bet. As you can see from the table of the Cardiff vs Arsenal prediction, the odds on favorite to win that game is Arsenal.

sportpesa games

TIP 4  – sportpesa games H2H AND STREAKS

The next thing one needs to look at is how these teams have fared in their current (Last 5 games ) as well as historical H2H match ups. The reason we do this is that many teams treat certain rivalries differently and certain motivations matter. If a teams ambition is to win a regional tournament, for example, they might ignore or take lightly a team that they have dominated in their history in favor of the more prestigious award which means they could rest some key players.

Sportpesa Games – video 4

Serie A: Key Streaks This Season | By The Numbers

Is a team on a hot streak, have they won 4 out of 5 games or have they lost 4 out of 5 games? These questions matter because a winning team always tends to keep on winning when other factors are equal and a losing team continues to lose given the same set of circumstances.

sportpesa games

The case of the longest win streaks in European domestic leagues.

  1. Benfica (Portugal). 29 games – 1971/73 – Benfica is a Portuguese club but in 1971-1973 English coach Jimmy Hagan‘s boys went nearly two seasons undefeated winning the domestic trophy in record winning sequence which began at the end of the 1971 season and continued well into the 1972-73 season which they won the trophy with an undefeated record which stands till this day.

Sportpesa Games – video 5

Ajax Amsterdam – Benfica. Copa de Europa 1971-1972

2. Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia). 28 games – 2006/07  – Coach Branko Ivanković in addition to stars Eduardo, Luka Modrić and Vedran Ćorluka  Helped propel this record making team streak, which all began with a 5-1 triumph over Istra in November 2006 and ended by a  4-3 defeat at Varteks  in September 2007

Sportpesa Games – video 6

Sibenik v Dinamo Zagreb 2006/07 HNL #13

3. Ferencváros (Hungary). 25 games – 1931/33 – The Hungarian side took the cup in 1932 by winning all 22 league games but the green eagles had ended the previous season by winning 2 games and winning the first two in the next season to capture the streak which lasted nearly 30 years before Benfica came along.
4. Celtic (Scotland) 25 games – 2003/04  Martin O’Neill‘s men went undefeated from August 2003  to February 2004, scoring 86 goals in the process.  They culminated that feat by defeating Barcelona 1-0 in the UEFA Cup as well as a domestic double.

Sportpesa Games – video 7

celtic 2 barcelona 1 2012 all goals

5. Dinamo Tirana (Albania) 25 Games – 1951/52 – With 18 league titles, Dinamo remain Albania’s second most successful club but in the midst of 4 successive league titles starting in 1950 to 1953, they managed to get hot. From week 17 on 18 April 1951 to June 1st of the following year, they managed to rip off 25 consecutive wins because when a club starts winning, they will always continue on that path.

TIP 5 – sportpesa games – PLAYER NEWS

  1. Will a team’s superstar striker play in a certain game?
  2. Are they injured?
  3. Are they feuding with the coach?
  4. Do they hate to play in cold weather?
  5. Are they party animals?
  6. Are they stressed by any number of reasons outside their game time?

Some of these questions might sound mundane but they will affect the outcome of a given at any time so we at sportpesa games are always keeping an eye out for such news.

sportpesa games

The story of one Mario Balotelli

While he might not be the most egregious of player’s, the Nice and Italian star has drawn a sordid reputation for his antics whether justified or not and his off-field drama usually ends up affecting any team he plays for it ends up being a distraction. For example, he has recently been Jeered off the field when Poland played Italy to a draw in the UEFA nations league cup. It has been reported that he showed up for camp 15 kgs overweight after the holidays which is why he was so slow and sluggish in that game. For a putter, news like that would have affected how they bet that game.

TIP 6 – sportpesa games – home or away

Home field advantage is an intangible but real psychological factor that cannot be ignored. Barcelona in the example above has won 22 straight home games. When an opponent comes to Camp Nou, they should be mentally prepared to face the hostile crowd and in-fact most new stadium designs factor in the crowd noise. To create a better experience for the fans.

sportpesa games

sportpesa games – quantifying home field advantage

Quantifying home field advantage

Use the following calculation to determine the home field advantage by the numbers.

HFA = (HF – HA) / Number of home games played

HF  = Goals scored at home in a  season

HA  = Goals Given up in a season

tIP 7 – sportpesa games  – TABLE STANDINGS

While not as important as the rest of the factors, table standings can be a motivating factor as to why teams win or lose certain games. Players bonuses could be tied to where they finish on the table at the end of the season, ate they motivated to avoid relegation for example. A team that is motivated to prevent the ax will pull out all the stops in a game otherwise considered meaningless by the other team who have no such pressures which could determine the outcome of a game. Sportpesa results should give an accurate picture of how table standings affect a game based on historical outcomes.

At sportpesa games, we these factors and many more to determine the best possible outcomes of any given game and I hope we have enlightened you on how the process goes please enjoy and don’t forget to sign up to our prediction service and sportpesa jackpot prediction service.

sportpesa games

Tip 9 – sportpesa games common Betting terms and their meaning.

  1. Home win – Means the home team will win
  2. Away win – Means the away team will win
  3. Draw – means the match will end in a draw
  4. Accumulator  – A series of bets on various outcomes, all the choices must come true for a person to win this bet.
  5. Actionany kind of bet.
  6. Against the spread – A bet that determines which team will cover the spread to win.
  7. Ante-post –  A bet that is placed ahead of time to cover such things as a league winner at the start of the season or any event that is a long time off.
  8. Arbitrage Betting – Finding the highest odds by shopping around to different bookmakers on a single bet to maximize profit.
  9. Asian Handicap – a Betting strategy used in Asia where you handicap one team by adding or subtracting a given value. For example if Chelsea is playing against crustal palace at home and Chelsea  have typically been beating teams at home by 2 or more goals then the bet would have Chelsea to win but handicapped by the number given so, for example, Chelsea to win +2 means they will win by over two goals and if they don’t the bet is lost.
  10. Bar – lowest odds not in a betting forecast.
  11. Banker: – A bet that will bring in the most returns and guaranteed to win
  12. Beard: – A proxy who places a bet for the true tipper thus concealing his or her identity.
  13. Bet: A wager to place money on a determined outcome of an event.
  14. Betting Exchange – A place to share ideas and sportpesa games predictions from other punters
  15. Bookie/Bookmaker: – A company that accepts bets and makes money by punters losing odds
  16. BTTS: Both Teams To Score
  17. Canadian: A strategy that consists betting on  26 bets with 5 choices in different situations.  It breaks down like this 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds, and an accumulator. A minimum of 2 selections must hit to be successful in this type of bet.
  18. Cash out: To get paid in cash after a successful bet
  19. Chalk: A favorite bet.
  20. Chalk player: One who bets on a favorite.
  21. Clean sheet: A team that has not allowed any goals in a match.
  22. Combination Bet: Placing multiple variations of the same bet in order to hedge or avoid a loss.
  23. Correct Score: A bet that predicts the actual score of a given game.
  24. Correct score First half – What will be the correct score for these teams at the half time bell.
  25. Under Dog:  One who is expected to lose a match.
  26. Dog player: One who bets on an underdog.
  27. Doubles: A bet that is placed on two events, both must win to succeed the bet.
  28. Double Action: A preceding bet after the first is won.
  29. Double Chance: A bet that gives two choices in case one fails for example team A will win or draw double chance.
  30. Double Result: Double result covers the first half results and the preceding end half results also known as half time /full-time bet.
  31. Draw No Bet: This is a double action bet that pays if a certain team wins and refunds if that team draws.
  32. Drift: Lack of support can cause the price of a bet to slide out of the starting zone usually called drifting.
  33. Dutching: spreading money around on different bets to hedge
  34. Each Way: A punter is given a choice of two ways to place a bet and is rewarded if one option wins.
  35. Edge: The advantage a player has when placing a bet.
  36. Euro Handicap – Like Asian handicap above
  37. Evens: A bet that has an even 50-50 shot at hitting.
  38. Exotic: A prop or proposition that is not a straight parlay bet
  39. Exposure: The highest amount of money a sports book could lose on a specific match
  40. Favorite: A team that has the higher odds of winning.
  41. First Goalscorer: A bet on the team that scores first in a match.
  42. First-half bet: A bet on just the first half outcome on a match.
  43. form: capitulates how a team is currently performing in a given period of time
  44. Full-time Result and Both teams to score – One team wins but both teams will score goals
  45. Full-time Result and No Goal – Team to win but both teams will not score goals.
  46. Goliath: A Goliath has 247 bets through 8 different matches. It has 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefold, 28 six folds, 8 sevenfold on top of an accumulator.  One wins when 2 selections are winners.
  47. Half time bet –  A bet on the outcome of a certain half whether the first half or last half of any given game.
  48. Half with most goals – Which half will have the most goals scored.
  49. Half time draw – Will the game end in a draw at half time.
  50. Half time result: A prediction of the outcome of a certain half of a game.
  51. Half time – Full Time – The results of both the half time score and full-time score can be bet upon. Both outcomes must be correct to win the bet.
  52. Handicap: Bookmakers use this system to make a bet more interesting by making one favorite team have the same options as an underdog by giving or subtracting points from that team.
  53. Handicapper: A punter who bets on handicaps.
  54. Hedging: Placing bets on different or same selections but with different outcomes to prevent or mitigate a loss of a bet.
  55. Heinz: 57 bets on 6 choices in different matches, it has 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefold and an accumulator.
  56. Hook: a half of a point given to a match betting line.
  57. Jackpot – Betting on a specific amount of games to determine the outcome of a given jackpot. Usually, the result is of 13-17 games and determining a winner is usually the most lucrative of bets in a given time frame of said sportpesa jackpot.
  58. Lay: Placing a bet can also be called laying a bet.
  59. Lengthen: Increase or extend a bet when there is little or no activity.
  60. Line: The odds of a particular game or match.
  61. Lock: a sure thing.
  62. Long shot: a team that is an underdog effectively.
  63. Match Betting: The most common form of betting that includes win, draw and loss used to determine the most basic outcome of any given match.
  64. Monkey: £500.
  65. Multiples: Involves more than one bet or outcome of a given match or bet. Usually, it is more than one accumulator.
  66. Nap: the best bet for a punter
  67. No action: A neutral bet where no money is made or lost.
  68. Number Spread: A choice of certain specific data of an event.
  69. Odds: Returns given on a specific bet
  70. Odds On: When odds are less than the fractional decimal odds.
  71. Odds Against: When odds are greater than the evens
  72. Outright Bet: A simple bet that is used to determine the most simple outcome of a match.
  73. Outsider: The anti favorite bet.
  74. Over: A bet that is used to determine an outcome based on certain conditions for example over 2.5 goals scored means a game’s outcome would come out a winner if the match has more than 3 goals scored in total without a thought on which team does the scoring.
  75. Parlay: An accumulator
  76. Patent: 7 bets of 3 selections in different matches. It consists of 1 selection, 3 doubles, and 1 treble.
  77. Point spread: The predicted scoring differential between two teams in a match.
  78. Pony: £25.
  79. Price: the odds of a specific bet
  80. Punter:  Abettor.
  81. Round Robin:  A series of matches that use the home and away format.
  82. Runner: A proxy who places bets for others.
  83. Scout: A waiter for an unlikely high or unusual  wager
  84. Sharp: A top gambler
  85. Singles: A single bet that determines a single outcome of a certain bet.
  86. Special Bets: Specialized bets that bookmakers use to attract sophisticated gamblers.
  87. Spread Betting: Works like the handicap betting system.
  88. Total Goals Exactly – The number of goals that will be scored in a given match.
  89. Under: A bet that capitulates the under options in a game for example under 2.5 means that a specific game will end with under 2.5 goals scored independently of which team scores said goals.

Tip 10 – Our sportpesa daily tips

Sportpesa MEGA JACKPOT for 08-09-2018

08/09/2018Bet AnalysisGILLINGHAM
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisACCRINGTON
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisDONCASTER
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisCAMBRIDGE UTD
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisSOUTHEND
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisTRANMERE
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisHALIFAX
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08/09/2018Bet AnalysisLUXEMBOURG
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Sportpesa Games for 08-09-2018

08/09/2018Bet AnalysisKenya
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisSouth Africa
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisUganda
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisMalagaVSTenerife1-0
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisMorocco
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisEgypt
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisGabon
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisMauritania
VSBurkina Faso2-0
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisSeychelles
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisGambia
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisJoenkoepings Soedra
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisReal Oviedo
VSReal Zaragoza0-4
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisOsasuna
08/09/2018Bet AnalysisSport RecifeVSCruzeiro0-0

Sportpesa Games for 07-09-2018

07/09/2018Bet AnalysisItaly
07/09/2018Bet AnalysisSaudi Arabia
07/09/2018Bet AnalysisChinese Taipei
07/09/2018Bet AnalysisJapan
07/09/2018Bet AnalysisSouth Korea
VSCosta RicaOV1.52-0
07/09/2018Bet AnalysisMaldives
VSSri Lanka0-0
07/09/2018Bet AnalysisAlmere City
07/09/2018Bet AnalysisCambuur
07/09/2018Bet AnalysisDordrecht
07/09/2018Bet AnalysisSparta Rotterdam
VSEindhoven FC2-0
07/09/2018Bet AnalysisAlaves
VSReal Sociedad
07/09/2018Bet AnalysisJong Utrecht
VSJong PSV3-2
07/09/2018Bet AnalysisLimerick
07/09/2018Bet AnalysisTurkeyVSRussiaUN3.51-2

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